Twins Have A Special Connection But Mom’s Captured Footage Of These 2 Dumbfounded Even Her


No one can deny that twins share a special connection! Most of the time, twins can identify each other’s thoughts without them having to say a word. Well, what happens when even their bodily functions are linked up? That precisely what this mother experienced firsthand when her sweet little girls were getting ready for bed. One moment she was selecting a book for bedtime, the next she was covering her mouth with excitement. Mom definitely wasn’t expecting this…

Even though these twins are obviously on the same wavelength, the Twiniversity website says there are several surefire ways to ensure your twins become best friends. One thing the site recommends is to not compare them to one another. If one twin walks before the other, great! There’s no need to stress about when the second will take their first steps! Comparing the twins can cause a great divide in their relationship and encourage them to compete with one another. A wonderful second tip is to stress the importance of sharing while giving them their own special belongings. Being a twin means sharing everything forever – but they also crave a sense of independence. So it’s vital to foster both schools of thought!

Thankfully, Mom and Dad seem to have a good handle on these tips already. It’s clear to see their little ones are the best of friends even though they’re just a few months old. In fact, even their sneezes happen at the same time! Mom caught this incredible coincidence on camera and was blown away by their ability to sync up sneezing! Take a peek at this once-in-a-lifetime sneeze symphony in the video below. If they sneeze at the same time and in the same manner (like Mom caught on camera here), we know they have a bond that can’t be broken!

CuteWinFail_ Baby Simul-Sneeze


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