This is the foundation that 25K people want This is the foundation that 25K people want


You read that correctly. 25,000 people have already signed up to get their hands on this latest foundation. You might not have heard of beauty brand The Ordinary, but 25,000 beauty fans surely have. The Ordinary is a British brand that falls under the umbrella of beauty brand Deciem.

The brand doesn’t have a cult following like the Glossier, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not about to shake things up. Majorly.

With two foundations to choose from in a range of 21 colours, the variety of the colours available is what has people so interested. Debuting the foundation range on their Instagram page, Deciem were very excited.

The range of foundations will suit most people and appear to have found the solution to heavy and oily foundations.

“The pigments used in both formats are treated for a rich, highly-saturated effect. These pigments are suspended in our proprietary spread-ability system that allows pigments to look natural on the skin, resist collecting within fine lines, and stay on for longer. Both formulations offer SPF 15 protection that’s mineral-based and avoid the use of chemical sunscreens entirely,” says the caption of the brand’s Instagram post.

No longer will you have to worry about choosing between getting sunburnt or having flawless makeup. Thanks to these foundations, you can have both.

If the prospect of no longer getting sunburnt wasn’t enough, the price tag will definitely get you excited. The foundations will cost Australians a very reasonable $11 each. That’s a steal considering what they can do for your skin as well as protecting you from the sun.

The Ordinary is available to buy on ASOS, and although there’s no solid release date just yet for these kickass foundations, it’d be a good idea to have this page bookmarked. Thanks to the 25 thousand people who are already interested and have signed up, it’s definitely going to sell out quickly. Keep an eye out.


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