There’s a new way to apply perfume and it’s very arty


In 2017, spritzing your Chanel no. 5 against your skin is so passé. There’s a new way to apply perfume and it’s much more handbag-friendly. Meet your new handbag essential: a perfume brush.

The pioneering Swedish beauty company Byredo has created scented brushes for the busy lady on the go. Gone are the days of fussing through your bag to find your chunky bottle of perfume or your roll-on, which always seems to be empty. All you have to do to activate the kabuki to release powder, and push the button at least 20 times. Then you apply the brush directly to the pulse points as desired. So simple!

Inspired by the traditional kabuki brushes used by Japanese actors to apply their theatre makeup, Byredo have carefully crafted this ultra-soft powder brush to dispense their fragrance. While Byredo have many wonderfully crafted scents, they have turned to their three cult favourite scents to for this brush with experimentation; Gyspy Water, Blanche, and Bal’d’Afrique. As you can see below, the perfume brushes look very chic and minimalistic.

If you’re unfamiliar with Byredo, here’s a rundown of these main scents:

Gypsy Water: The fresh, woody scent fuses notes of bergamot, lemon, pepper, juniper berries, incense, pine needles, orris, amber, vanilla, and sandalwood.

Blanche: Clean notes of white rose, pink pepper, aldehyde, violet, neroli, peony, blonde woods, sandalwood, and musk.

Bal’d Afrique: Laced with notes of bergamot, lemon, neroli, African marigold, buchu essence, violet, jasmine, cyclamen, black amber, musk, vetiver, and cedar.


But where to find these powdered scents? Look no further than your local Mecca Maxima store. Perfume brushes have just landed in Australia, fresh from their post boxes, as pictured on the Byredo Instagram page. The sleek and chic brushes retail at $69, while the bottled Byredo perfume sells at $230.

Credit: Byredo Instagram

Meanwhile, in the motherland, famous UK perfumer Jo Malone has taken a liking to the idea of painting your favourite perfume on.

“It’s looking at fragrance as becoming the artist and picking up the paintbrush and painting yourself with fragrance, which is a paradigm shift,” said Jo at a recent in-store launch. The smell connoisseur was launching her new fragrance line ‘Jo Loves’, which she warmly describes as “tapas for your nose”

Jo Loves’ is a Fragrance Paintbrush Gel that releases a perfumed gel which melts on the skin upon contact. As opposed to spraying perfume, the consumer will paint on the scent. With it’s alcohol base, the perfume will dry quickly, meaning that you are welcome to play around with different scents. Thanks to Jo’s new range, you can experiment with different scents, such as White Roses and Lemon Leaves, Pomelo, and Red truffle 21. ‘Jo Loves’ will be released in September this year and we’re ready!

With these two tempting new options, which one will you choose? Perfume powder or perfume gel


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