She Slices Through Biscuit Dough – What She Creates With It Is Incredibly Tasty


Need a quick and easy appetizer this holiday season? Wow your guests with this simple yet delicious recipe from Cooked By Julie. Just a few ingredients, a couple minutes to toss it together, and VOILA! Finger-licking finger foods for everyone to enjoy! Let’s get started!

Two words. Grands Biscuits.
These puppies are seriously so convenient. Pop open a can, separate the dough, and cut them into quarters.

Flavor to perfection
Throw the biscuit pieces into a large bowl with olive oil, oregano, red pepper (if you want a bit of a bite), Italian seasoning, pepperoni, cheese, garlic, and any of your other favorite pizza toppings. Mix ’em all up.
Prep your pan
Spray your bundt pan with a light coat of cooking spray and add your tossed ingredients.

Top the pan with cheese and pepperoni. Cover and throw it in the over at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes. Uncover for the last five minutes or so.

Show it off
Grab a butter knife and run it along the inside and outside edges to loosen it up a bit. Tip the pan over to remove the bread, but flip it back right side up to serve it.
Dip it!
Serve this yummy bread with marinara or garlic butter. Enjoy!

Pizza monkey bread is ideal for any occasion: parties, Sunday snacks, or even a quick potluck side.

Mix it up with different pizza “toppings” or experiment with dessert versions! You can find more information, and easy to follow instructions below.

She Slices Through Biscuit Dough – What She Creates With It Is Incredibly Tasty


this yummy (and easy) recipe with your family and friends!


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