Reddit User Shares Makeup Brush Washing Machine Cleaning Hack


The only thing as essential to your makeup routine as the makeup itself? The brushes and tools you use to apply them. We love them, and rely on them to help us carry out everything from smoky eyes to contour, but let’s be real: they’re often overlooked — especially when it comes to keeping them clean. However, taking care of your brushes is a pretty essential step in maintaining quality and avoiding pesky breakouts, so it’s no surprise to see people on the Internet constantly talking about innovative (if not unconventional) ways to get ’em squeaky clean.

Reddit is not-so-secretly a goldmine of beauty tips, but a recent thread on the MakeupAddiction subreddit entitled, “It’s that time again. Does anyone hate doing this chore as much as I do??” (Answer: Yes.) might just have dropped a game-changing method to clean your brushes.

This hack has us doing a double triple take — mostly because it’s either the most genius or riskiest way to deep clean your brushes. One Redditor called SuperiorPeach shared that she tosses dirty makeup brushes in the washing machine to get them squeaky clean sans washing and scrubbing by hand.”I pre-soak them in a soapy solution to start the product breaking down, put them in a pillowcase, tie it shut and wash them all at once on a warm/delicate/no spin cycle. They come out spotless and I haven’t had one fall apart yet.”


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