Nervous Groom Sings Bride Up Aisle With Song Choice Putting Everyone In Tears


Marriages are supposed to be built on a foundation of love, honor, and respect developed during the courting period. Even though the young groom here has a woman to call his own, his stunning bride Jill, he understands how to start a marriage on the right foot. Though visibly nervous, he begins singing as members of the wedding party come in one by one. But it’s the moment he spots his wife-to-be when hearts really begin to melt. We’re just glad the videographer decided to share this incredible, intimate moment online! It’s easy to see they’re going to stand the test of time.

While many of the traditional wedding ceremony and reception events seem strange or outdated, they actually served a purpose at one time back in history. For example, Brides Magazine UK explains that tiered wedding cakes came from Medival times. Guests brought small cakes to the wedding, and the new couple had to balance over the massive pile of sweet treats to kiss. If they managed to smooch, they would be guaranteed future prosperity! Another common tradition with a strange background is the process of the father giving away his daughter to her soon-to-be husband. Even though it’s a sweet, meaningful nowadays, it once signaled a father was giving away his daughter to her new “owner.” Thank goodness time have changed – and now these traditions are lighthearted and full of love, just like this groom’s sweet song.

Once the wedding party is standing up at the altar with him, the groom’s nerves calm and his eyes fall on his beautiful bride. He continues the song as his bride takes his hand to join him in Holy Matrimony. Take a peek at this adorable wedding-day gesture in the video below. What a sweet way to start a marriage!

Groom sings bride up the aisle


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