Mother Shields Small Son with Own Body After Two Vicious Dogs Attack


A mother would do anything to save the life of her child.

Though they walk through life never really expecting it to come to that, sometimes, disaster strikes. In those moments, humans often debate a response of fight-or-flight. But in the case of mothers, the answer is always simple: fight.

Your home is supposed to be the place your family can relax, spend time together, and ultimately, feel safe.

Which, sadly, is often why such brutal attacks happen at residences. It is where we are least suspecting something terrible to take us by surprise. Our guard is down.

A recent tale of a mother and her son in such a situation is spreading across the media like wildfire.

Samantha Bishop was walking up to the door of her home with her little boy Grayson when the unthinkable happened.

Two vicious dogs approached her son in their yard. She quickly realized the dogs were extremely violent and tried to quickly pick up Grayson and run inside.

But the dogs ran after them and began to attack them at the door. The mother and son were entirely helpless.

With her husband at work and the dogs in a full-fledged fit of rage, Samantha knew what had to be done.

In the moments that followed, she put her life on the line and sacrificed her own body to save her precious child.

“She screamed at the top of her lungs, she was trying to protect her little boy, I think she did a damn good job,” Samantha’s husband Spenser told Inside Edition.

“As soon as I got to the doorstep and there was blood everywhere, I lost it. A firefighter had to pull me away and he cried too. He was very upset.”

“The thought of losing your family is horrible. It is really terrible,” he added.

Grayson was immediately rushed to the emergency room for his injuries and ultimately underwent cosmetic surgery on his face.

Although she also survived the attack, Samantha is covered in bites, cuts, and bruises. Their family attorney explained that her injuries are so extensive, they have kept her from being able to care for Grayson.

“The mother has difficulties caring for the child because of her wounds, so we are getting in home health care. It is going to be a long, long healing process,” attorney Richard Patterson explained.

While both Samantha and Grayson’s roads to recovery are extensive, they are both alive and able to recover thanks to Samantha’s bravery and undying love for her child.


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