It’s Bathtime – Baby’s Antics On The Left Has Even Mom Cracking Up


It’s bathtime and these cute twins are having an absolute blast. When it comes to this family, double the babies means double the laughter and joy, and some bubbles never hurt either!

Twins are known to share a special, unbreakable bond and this duo is no different! Many sets of twins report a mental connection with each other, something that is hard for non-twins to imagine. They can tell what the other one is thinking, without having to say a work aloud. Other twins share mannerisms, habits and different types of physical similarities. It doesn’t matter if they’re fraternal or identical, twins have something the rest of us will never fully understand.

Surprisingly, twins are getting more and more common – there has been a steady increase in the twin population for the last 30 years and there are no signs of slowing. As of 2014, 32 out of every 1000 live births are twins! That’s more than you might think! Hopefully, each set of twins share the same fun and loving connection as these adorable bathing babies!

Mom Put Her Twins In The Sink, Now Watch The Baby On The Left… I’m waiting for the


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