He Dare Her To Sing Like Celine Dion But Collapses In Laughter At Her Spot-On Impression


When Jimmy Fallon invited Ariana Grande onto his late night show, he was in for a real treat. Though at the time his audience may not have been familiar with the up and coming singer, it wouldn’t take long for the talented young woman to make a permanent impression. Challenging her to sing a popular Celine Dion hit, the host had no idea just how spot-on it would be.

From the moment the petite star opens her mouth, Jimmy loses it hearing her hilarious rendition of the classic. Not only is it funny to watch, but she is incredibly talented! The two entertainers go back and forth, each singing a verse from the hit “Beauty and the Beast.” While Jimmy’s voice is impressive, it doesn’t hold a candle to the young star’s talent.

As their silly duet unfolds, the crowd watches in awe as Ariana Grande belts out the Celine hit with stunning accuracy. At the end, her final sendoff sends the host in a fit of giggles. Be prepared to be blown away as the pop star leaves the audience speechless with her perfect Celine impression. See the stunning moment the young starlet sweeps the audience off their feet with her breathtaking talent – this girl is incredible!


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