Grocery Worker Shows Kindness to Teen with Autism by Letting Him Stock Shelves


There’s something truly beautiful about someone helping others out of the kindness of their heart. These types of people need no recognition for their good deeds.

They simply desire to put a smile on someone else’s face. Rather than thinking of themselves, they’re selfless and sacrificial when someone else needs it the most.

On July 30, Delaney Edwards Alwosaibi posted a video and photos on her Facebook page that have since gone viral.

Some might not think a bit of footage of a couple of guys stocking grocery store shelves is anything worth sharing. But when you see what’s really going on beneath the surface, you might be moved to tears just like this family from Baton Rouge.

Delaney’s father and 17-year-old brother, Jack Ryan Edwards, were out shopping at a Rouses grocery store when they encountered a kindhearted young man.

Jack Ryan, known as “Ziggy” to his sister, has autism. To outsiders, “Ziggy” might be easily misunderstood.

But to 20-year-old Jordan Taylor who works at Rouses, Jack Ryan was just another guy like himself. When Taylor noticed Jack Ryan was showing an interest in what he was doing, he asked the teen if he wanted to help.

No doubt Taylor could have finished the task of restocking milk and orange juice much more quickly on his own.

But that didn’t concern this caring young man. All he cared about what seeing Jack Ryan happy. The two were caught on video and the outcome is truly amazing.

Kind gesture goes viral

“It might seem like nothing to others,” Delaney wrote in her caption on Facebook. “But as you can hear my dad say in the video, ‘I’m watching a miracle right now.’”

The video and photos have been shared over 6,000 times to date. The family was so appreciative of Taylor’s random act of kindness that they decided to seek him out and return the favor.

“Let’s find out who ‘Jordan’ at (Rouses) on Drusilla is and hook him up with something awesome,” Delaney said.

Something awesome is right. Delaney started a GoFundMe campaign for Taylor who told her he was interested in becoming a teacher someday.

As of Wednesday morning, the campaign has raised over $3,635 of the $10,000 goal. Contributors have shared heartwarming comments such as, “We need more people like this in the world,” and “Good people deserve good things.”

What a wonderful young man. I’ll bet he would make an amazing teacher. Jordan was moved to tears by the response to his simple act.

“Never pictured all this would happen,” he shared in an interview. “I was just being me, that’s it.” Just being himself went a long way as he certainly made young Jack Ryan’s day.


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