Female Form Through Art


Dina Broadhurst creates a collision of beauty , art and fashion through her mixed media artworks. Broadhurst delves into themes of femininity, sexuality, fantasy and luxury and develops stunning compositions. Broadhurst described her pieces to Sass & Bide as ‘Multi-layered…built on photographic, montage and collage that are all drawn from realism’. She looks for inspiration in magazines and Instagram feeds.

Dina delves into ‘un-tamed, natural beauty’ opposed to the standard polished and edited versions that are so often shown on these platforms.  Broadhurst’s fusion of beauty and power is stunning as it is intriguing– turning beautiful women into blossoming flowers and humanising Acne towels.

Female beauty is a strong focus in most of the pieces- perfume and bold lips being focal points of the artworks.

Broadhurst isn’t one to be underestimated, her incredible work has been noticed by some incredible beauty brands including La Prairie, who she partnered with to create an art and beauty fusion for the launch of their Skin Caviar Absolute Filler. Dina’s impressive repertoire of campaigns for fashion labels including Country Road, Sir the Label and By Johnny add to the absolute allure of this incredible artist.


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