Fall in love with Helix Ear Tattoo Trend now


There is a new trend currently taking over Instagram and we’re already in love with it. Spotted by Elle UK, the Helix Ear Tattoo really raises the question of whether or not the ear piercing may be out of style soon.

Instead of adorning the ear through a piercing, the lovely ear embellishment is inked on the thin curved portion on the side of the ear, called the helix.

Credit @zszywka_tattooing/Instagram

The trend comes with a variety of gorgeous colours and styles. We have no idea how tattoo artists manage to ink this teeny, tiny space of skin, but the possibilities are nearly endless. From colourful flowers to simple lines, pretty detailed leaves and small dots, there seems to be nothing that can’t be tattooed.

A lot of stunning examples of the delicate artwork can be found on Instagram, with new pictures and ideas appearing every day. Especially if you’d like a small, delicate tattoo, why not go for a Helix Ear Tattoo? It’s the perfect place to upgrade your ears and it’s so much more exciting than a plain piercing. You definitely won’t have to worry about losing your earrings anymore!

Have a scroll through these gorgeous helix tattoos to get inspiration.


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