Daughter Reveals Her Mom’s Transformed Wedding Gown


When Caroline got engaged, she was thrilled to modernize her mom’s old wedding dress and make it her own. Not knowing exactly how her mom Shannon would react to the big change, she wanted her to wait to see the dress until it was completely revamped into her own style. Taking a gorgeous, vintage gown from decades past, she had a seamstress go to work on what use to be totally classy. Shannon wasn’t the only person anxious to see the results. Both mom and daughter appeared on the Rachael Ray Show for this ultimate surprise dress makeover.

Caroline slipped on her mom’s dress for a couple before pictures, demonstrating the way it use to boast of puff sleeves, a beaded top, and of course, all the lace detail any bride would imagine wearing on her wedding day. Her mom’s classic taste could easily be passed down to her daughter exactly as is, but Caroline was absolutely certain it would be much better if she could just give it her own flare. That’s when the scissors were taken to it in an extreme way her mom could have never imagined. It certainly didn’t look like the gorgeous dress it was before.

Mom Shannon’s emotional reaction to Caroline’s big reveal was documented on television, and all who have seen it since can wholeheartedly agree with what she says about it. When Caroline comes walking out in what looks like a totally different dress, you won’t believe your eyes. Watch this jaw-dropping transformation in the fun video below.

Watch the Beautiful Transformation of a Mother’s Wedding Dress for Her Engaged Daughter


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