A Stray Cat Walks Up To This Street Musician – Then In Seconds Changes His Entire Life


James Bowen went from being a struggling musician, to a popular author – thanks to his cat named Bob. In his book, “A Street Cat Named Bob,” he has credited the feline for saving his life.

It wasn’t long ago that life was very different for James. In order to make money, he was playing music on the streets of England. However, he certainly wasn’t making a lot. Then one day he found an injured stray cat in his apartment building, which he named Bob. After nursing the animal back to health, he decided to keep the cat – and even brought it to work with him. From that day on, things would never be the same for the pair…

Right away, people were smitten with the cat named Bob. They started giving James more money for his music, taking photographs, and also bringing the cat gifts. Believe it or not, even Sir Paul McCartney came to visit the pair! Because of his new changed life, James decided to write a book called, “A Street Cat Named Bob : And How He Saved My Life,” which has grown to be popular world-wide… Hopefully the two continue to find success in all that they do. No matter what, at least James and Bob will always have each other!

A STREET CAT NAMED BOB_ Coming to America!


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